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Somme Battlefields Tour is a division of France At Your Fingertips Ltd (registered in New Zealand) and Paris Provence Pty Ltd(registered in Australia).

We are a wholesaler and tour-operator. Our job is to provide visitors with the the best choice of battlefields tours in the Somme. We have tested tours ourselves an selected two very knowledgeable and reliable operators. We are able to offer 1 /2 /3 or even 4 day tours with the garantee of being escorted by excellent accredited guides.

To the keen internet surfer, countless websites provide a wealth of information about Somme Battlefields. There are numerous operators; we selected two who have amazing expertise and are fully reliable. Accommodating 2 to 12 persons in recent and comfortable airconditionned Mercedes vans, you are 100% sure to get the best value tours when booking with us.


It appears recent bankruptcies of large companies like Thomas Cook or Tempo have triggered fear within the discerning travellers community. The Ansett crash is still in everybody’s mind. For many years, TCF was the accredited body to look after travel agents solvency. We never joined TCF, which was charging large premiums without offering proper cover to our clients.

We have been in business for nearly 20 years and over that time we have never dragged any customer into trouble. We believe that a company is responsible for the service provided and shouldn’t count on an external body to look after its weakness.

We look after a “niche market” and choose to deal only with a handful of very strong and reliable accredited suppliers in France. We maintain excellent and very close business relationships with them. All deposits received in the name of suppliers are not kept but transferred within days to the supplier. A guarantee for customers that even if our office was to burn down, they wouldn’t lose anything. It is true though, that if we were to close the office and disappear with the cash, you wouldn’t be covered by your travel insurance.

It’s all a matter of trust. If you have any doubt of our commitment to transfer all payments received within days to the supplier in France, then we invite you to look for another agent. France At Your Fingertips – Paris Provence provides outstanding personalised service to all, we hope you will continue to shop with us.

Antoine Daguet
Managing Director